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About Us

Our Mission

SDC is committed to providing experienced teams who will take ownership of your needs and are positively engaged in your projects.

Our mission is not taken lightly - it is a pledge that every SDC team member demonstrates daily. In complement of this mission, the following core values that our team exudes all contribute to ensuring that YOUR SDC experience is truly The Right Fit For You.®

  • Energy
    Positive energy in good times and in bad
  • Integrity
    Respectful, honest and straightforward
  • Engaged
    Fully engaged and participation within the project team
  • Innovation
    Present and pursue solutions instead of dwelling on problems
  • Ownership
    Take ownership of projects and your needs and do what we say we will
  • Commitment
    Have a personal commitment to the end result and demonstrate a sense of urgency

SDC is The Right Fit For You.®